Shipcontroller Net

The Shipcontroller Net system features the cutting-edge technology of the Shipcontroller 750 series. Allowing for many transceiver stations along the ship, and also several remote control units in a hierarchical basis, it is the perfect solution for large vessels, or for boats with metallic decks. With up to 16 transceivers placed in different locations in the ship, the Shipcontroller system will always have full coverage, and will be highly resistant to interference.
Shipcontroller Net

Product Specifications

Bidirectional encrypted radio – 128-bit encryption.

Main engine controls – Single/Multi speed ahead + astern.

Side thruster controls – Bow thruster + optional stern thruster.

Navigation data in the remote – Heading, speed, depth.

Autopilot integration – View and set course, change mode.

Anchor windlass controls – View chain counter, depth, ratio. Up + down controls.

Transceivers up to 16 transceivers to improve coverage

Remotes up to 4 hierarchical remote units.

Multiple remotes

Shipcontroller Net allows several remote control units to operate in the same ship. Different members in the crew may control the ship, each with a different remote unit. This allows an unprecedented level of flexibility in large vessels. The system ensures that only one remote may be permorming maneuvers at the same time.

Network of active antennas

The innovative technology in the Shipcontroller 750 series provides the best coverage in large vessels with metallic decks. By placing several transceivers along the ship, the remote will get a perfect communication with the system, regardless of your location.

Shipcontroller technology

Shipcontroller Net includes all the features in the Shipcontroller 750 version, such as dual speed engine control, thrusters, anchor windlass, on-screen real time navigation data, autopilot integration, etc.