Shipcontroller 750 Series

The Ultimate Remote Control System for any Size Boat

Shipcontroller 750 series is the most advanced remote control system for motor boats. With its multi-speed control, it allows the user to perform any maneuver with precision in any situation. Featuring a display in the remote control unit, it will show the most relevant navigation data in real time, while controlling the main engines, side thrusters, the anchor windlass, and even switching on and off auxiliary controls, such as the horn and navigation lights.

Anchor windlass

Bow and stern thrusters

Advanced engine control

Vibration alarms

IP65-rated enclosure

Shipcontroller 750 Series

Bidirectional radio system with coverage indication

Navigation data and menus display

Menu, horn and lights buttons

Qi wireless charging system or micro-USB connector

Product Specifications

Bidirectional encrypted radio – 128-bit encryption.

Main engine controls – Single/Multi speed ahead + astern.

Side thruster controls – 

Bow thruster + optional stern thruster.

Navigation data in the remote – Heading, speed, depth.

Autopilot integration – View and set course, change mode.

Anchor windlass controls – View chain counter, depth, ratio. Up + down controls.

Transceivers 1.

Remotes 1.

Information Display

The SCR-750 remote units feature a state-of-the-art e-ink hybrid display, making it clear and easily readable form low-light conditions to full direct sunlight. The display features a set of information screens that will allow you to read navigation data, and also control several boat systems from the remote unit.

Docking screen, with navigation data.

Autopilot screen: Set course, mode, etc.

Depth graph and alerts.

Self status screen: Remote battery, comm status, etc.

And more…

Navigation Data

Navigation and all ship status data reading (NMEA-2000, NMEA-0183, Seatalk) in real time directly in the remote control unit. All the information will be presented in the different screen modes of the Shipcontroller remotes in a clear, sunlight-readable display.

The system features a CANbus NMEA interface that will connect to your ship’s CANbus, allowing it to read navigation data coming from the different devices connected to it.

Navigation data: heading, speed, depth.

Wind data from an anemometer.

Autopilot settings and course.


Autopilot Integration

With Shipcontroller 750, you will be able to monitor and control the ship’s autopilot from the remote. Change the autopilot’s mode and alter the set course in the press of a button.

Windlass Control

The remote control unit features controls for activating the anchor windlass. A specific information screen will pop up automatically when activating any of the windlass controls, displaying information about depth, chain count, and their ratio

Remote Control Unit

The SCR-750 series of remote units have been designed with durability and usability in mind. With an IP-65 rating, they are protected from water and dust, while their membrane keyboard and levers or joystick are robust and easy to handle without looking at them. You will be free to focus on the maneuver, not the remote.

Encrypted Comms

Featuring a 128-bit encrypted bidirectional radio signal, the Shipcontroller system is virtually immune to interference and tampering, making it a reliable and robust wireless solution for motor boats. Our custom communication protocol allows the remote not only to send commands to the boat systems, but also to receive status information from the ship and from the system itself, making the system capable of detecting and alerting the pilot of any communication problems.

Optional Features

Multi Speed

The Shipcontroller 750 series features a multi speed engine setup. During the system installation, an additional speed can be adjusted to any throttle value above the first speed (which is usually idle). This unique multi speed setup will allow you to control the engines in both speed configurations from the remote, giving you total control in difficult situations, such as precision docking maneuvers, or in bad weather.

Stern Thruster

For ships with a stern thruster, the optional stern thruster controls can be installed in the system. Together with the bow and stern thruster controls in the remote unit, the main engines interface will give you complete control over your boat, allowing you to move it ahead, astern, sideways, rotate it, and perform all the necessary maneuvers with precision.