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Boat Care Menorca are the sole distributor for Shipcontroller in Menorca and Mallorca

With prices starting from 4,300 Euros (supplied and fitted)
Shipcontroller is approximately 50% less that its closest competitor

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At Shipcontroller we constantly work on improving the compatabilty of our systems. From the old analogue controls, to the more recent joystick control systems, we cover the most comprehensive range of systems. 

To find out the compatibility of your boat’s systems, 

please contact us here at Boat Care Menorca.


The Shipcontroller 700 series is a brand new system capable of connecting with your boat’s systems in different ways. From simple remote unit customizations to fully fledged custom system integration, we can help you build the perfect Shipcontroller solution for you.

Shipcontroller 750


If your boat has analogue controls, it is still possible to fit the Shipcontroller remote control system.

The Shipcontroller interface for analog control heads is a proprietary patented technology that allows secure interaction with the control head potentiometers, solving the hazardous “parallel connection”.

If your boat has mechanical controls, please contact us to in order to update them to a Shipcontroller compatible electronic control system.

Shipcontroller retrofit

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Shipcontroller Technology


The SCR-750 remote units feature a state-of-the-art e-ink hybrid display, making it clear and easily readable from low-light conditions to full direct sunlight. The display features a set of information screens that will allow you to read navigation data, and also control several boat systems from the remote unit.

Docking screen, with navigation data.

Autopilot screen: Set course, mode, etc.

Depth graph and alerts.

Self status screen: Remote battery, comm status, etc.


Navigation and all ship status data reading (NMEA-2000, NMEA-0183, Seatalk) in real time directly in the remote control unit. All the information will be presented in the different screen modes of the Shipcontroller remotes in a clear, sunlight-readable display.

The system features a CANbus NMEA interface that will connect to your ship’s CANbus, allowing it to read navigation data coming from the different devices connected to it.

Navigation data: heading, speed, depth.

Wind data from an anemometer.

Autopilot settings and course.


With Shipcontroller 750, you will be able to monitor and control the ship’s autopilot from the remote. Change the autopilot’s mode and alter the set course with the press of a button.


The SCR-750 series of remote units have been designed with durabilty and usability in mind. With an IP-65 rating, they are protected from water and dust, while their membrane keybord and levers or joystick are robust and easy to handle without looking at them. You will be free to focus on the maneuver, not the remote.


Dynamic Positioning System

Shipcontroller Dynamic Positioning System, will hold your boat in one position while you are either queuing for a the fuel dock or needing to stay on point over your chosen fishing spot.  

With use of the compact remote control you will never drift from your desired position.